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Would you prefer to be compensated for your writing rather than paying to self-publish?

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Sending out query letters can be complicated and confusing.  So how do you find the best representation?  

With hundreds of agents to choose from, it's essential to target the correct industry professionals with a letter that gets results. 

The Query Letter Coach is the easy, affordable way to put your work in the hands of reputable agents, 

who can secure a legitimate and lucrative publishing deal.  

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Custom Query Letter


Finishing a book is a big accomplishment. The next step is finding literary representation.  Easier said than done when agents receive hundreds of queries per week.  The Query Letter Coach takes the stress out of the submission process by creating a letter that will grab agents' attention. After working closely with you to understand your project and having you fill out an in-depth questionnaire, The Query Letter Coach will design a query that positions your book in the best light.  

Cost: $99.00 USD

Agent Submission List


An impressive query letter is the key to attracting a literary agent.  Knowing who to send your letter to is equally important.  Don’t waste your time on agents who won’t respond or don’t have the connections to sell your material.  The Query Letter Coach will compile a hand-selected list of literary agents who have the highest likelihood of signing you.  You’ll also receive a detailed query strategy and a submission calendar to increase your chance of a quick, enthusiastic reply.  

Cost: $99.00 USD

Editing & Proofreading


Unlike some editing services that rope writers in with teaser promotions or offer discounts on a lengthy read-through that can cost thousands, The Query Letter Coach has a reasonably priced flat rate, tackling one chapter at a time and providing comprehensive line edits along with detailed notes and a half-hour phone consult to discuss the chapter.  This approach allows you to become your own best editor.  

Cost: $75.00 USD per chapter 

(up to 12 pages double-spaced)

About Us

The Missing Piece


The Query Letter Coach was created by award-winning, internationally lauded author Brett Ellen Block. After more than a decade in the business, she found herself fielding questions from both aspiring and established writers about how to get a good agent.  So she developed a fast, effective system for crafting stellar query letters that were landing agents in short order.

Industry Expertise


A graduate of the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the renowned Creative Writing program at the University of East Anglia in England, Ms. Block has released five critically acclaimed books with publishers such as Harper Collins and Random House.  Her novels have won a number of awards and been translated into multiple languages around the world.

Proven Results


Ms. Block has thoroughly researched the industry, its players, and its practices.  She's pioneered innovative new techniques for getting agents interested in unsigned books and assists authors with branding strategies to make their projects stand out.  Now she is devoted to helping fellow writers make their publishing dreams and aspirations a reality.


"24 hours after sending out the letter, a top agent replied..."

"Less than 24 hours after sending out the letter I received from The Query Letter Coach, a top tier agent replied, saying: 'While I'm not technically accepting new submissions right now, I'm intrigued by your pitch and would like to read the first three chapters.'  The query had to be impressive to get this agent to change her tune!  The Query Letter Coach is also a fantastic editor.  The critiques I've received are thorough yet encouraging.  My previous experience with editors was so discouraging that I nearly gave up writing.  But The Query Letter Coach makes the process fun and exciting.  I would recommend this service to every writer out there."
   Dr. Sandy Martin
   Author of Coldwater Daughters

and Riding Shotgun

"I had two top-level agents vying to represent me!"

"Within a week of submitting the query letter created by The Query Letter Coach, I had two top-level agents vying to represent me! The Query Letter Coach helped me make my pitch the absolute best it could be and broke down the agenting business for me in terms I could understand and conquer.  I couldn't have done this without her."
   Victoria Fine
   Author of A Fine Line

"Multiple agents asked to read my material!"

"Never again will I submit to literary agents without going to The Query Letter Coach first.  Before I used this service, it felt as if I was throwing my queries down a black hole.  After The Query Letter Coach refined my pitch, multiple agents asked to read my material!  I also worked with The Query Letter Coach to edit my book and it was like taking an advanced course in Creative Writing.  The Query Letter Coach helped me hone my style, improve my problem areas, and bolster my strengths to give me every available advantage in the competitive publishing marketplace.  If you're a writer who's tired of getting rejection letters, stop submitting and contact The Query Letter Coach now.  You'll be glad you did!"
   Jennifer Colt
   Author of The McAfee Twins Novels

"I obtained requests for manuscripts from almost all of the top tier agents I queried!"

"As a debut author, the publishing industry seemed like an intimidating foe.  I was lucky to find a friend in The Query Letter Coach.  Not only did I receive help composing my query and targeting the right agents with it, but I also used The Query Letter Coach's editorial service for my novel, which has proven to be invaluable.  I obtained requests for partial or full manuscripts from almost all of the top tier agents I queried! Though I have not found the right agent match just yet, I know I wouldn’t be weighing my options were it not for The Query Letter Coach's savvy guidance."
   Mary Sutherland
   Author of The River Knew Her Name

"The process was easy and the turnaround was quicker than I expected!"

"I’ve been writing novels for twenty plus years, but when it comes to writing a query or a treatment, I drag my feet.  I hate trying to condense an idea down to a few pages.  That’s why I turned to The Query Letter Coach to write my most recent pitch.  The process was easy and the turnaround was quicker than I expected.  I was 100% happy with what she presented to me.  The money was more than well spent.  I highly recommend this service.  The Query Letter Coach offers sound advice and gets the job done.  Within a week of hiring The Query Letter Coach, my treatment was complete and I was getting results."  
  Cassandra Blizzard
  World Renown Psychic Medium and Author

"The most valuable half-hour I've ever spent!"

"Even though I’ve been a magazine columnist for several years now, my first attempt at writing a query letter left me struggling to find my way.  Luckily, I found the Query Letter Coach, who had an immediate grasp of my project and the hurdles it faced— all from our first complimentary phone conference.  Her familiarity with the publishing industry and her uncanny ability to zero in on the crucial elements of my project made for the most valuable half hour I’ve ever spent! Her guidance and editing skills are superior to all I’ve encountered so far.  Give The Query Letter Coach a half hour of your time and you will surely get rewarded well beyond your expectations."
   Tim Tunks
   Nautical Columnist


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